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Tech Products for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investors are finding that they can benefit significantly by taking advantage of different tech products emerging on the market. This particularly includes applications and technologies that are geared towards investors, with comparison models and projections.


Market analysts generally believe that the commercial real estate market cycle has matured. This state of the market necessitates investors having the ability to make quick decisions about whether an opportunity is worth pursuing, be it new development or a 1031 exchange or new divestment in an existing portfolio. For example, Enodo is an app that provides automated valuation models for those interested in purchasing multifamily residential properties. Additionally this app lets you track rent and lease turnover, manage your investment with accounting tools, and run different income & expenses scenarios.


Rogue Platform is a technology gaining favor with a growing number of commercial real estate agents. Rogue Platform is a multifaceted tech product primarily for agents that allows them to operate almost completely online, giving agents more control of their commissions, access to forms, training models and even advertising. While not ideal for a new agent, this could be just right for those in rural settings, or an experienced agent.


More than a few commercial real estate investors express frustration in the 21st century reality that while most forms can be completed & signed online, you have to documents notarized in person - at a brick and mortar location. With Notarize, you can eliminate that hassle, streamlining the process of arduous amounts of paperwork that most commercial real estate deals require.

If you're contemplating making a commercial real estate investment, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consult with the professionals at ComServ Realty to discuss your goals and objectives.

new technology to better conduct commercial real estate
Tech Products for Commercial Real Estate

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