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Why use a commercial broker when leasing space

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Making sure you and your business is protected and advocated for...

Commercial Brokers Save You Time and Money

One of the top reasons for not using a broker is an unwillingness to pay the broker commission. That's understandable, though many tenants may not be aware that leasing commission is generally paid by the landlord. The landlord agrees to pay a commission to lease his space and that commission is split between the landlord's agent and the tenant's agent.

An experienced broker can find a space for you when given your parameters e.g. your ideal space size based on the number of employees and desired configuration, ideal location, what amenities are important to you, etc..which saves you from having to sift thru many listings.

Once a location is identified your broker will negotiate lease terms based on his/her market knowledge, access to specific building information, outstanding professional relationships and skill at negotiations. A broker adept in the negotiation process can save a tenant thousands of dollars in the process, which can translate into reduced lease rates, additional improvements to your suite, more parking spaces or other amenities all of which are costly and greatly contribute to your business's bottom line.

Listing agents are hired to protect the landlord's interests, without a broker the tenant may have to rely on themselves to navigate the process and may miss items that can cost a company huge sums of money. Hiring a broker to represent your interests at every stage of the process will not only provide you with potential savings but will also give you choices as the broker that represents your interests is not bound to one building, or only their listings.

A good broker will guide you thru the process until your move-in day, save you time and money, organize and handle the paperwork and see to the completion of all contingent steps.


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